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I started trading in January 2020 and, like everyone else, I very quickly grew my account. However I had some difficulties come up in my personal life and I lost it all. I was so close to quitting trading. But then I found StayRockSolid. Over the last couple of years, I joined many different groups and they all unfortunately led me to lose more money than gain. Once I found out about StayRockSolid, I joined right away. At first I was skeptical, asking myself “what am I doing? Haven’t I lost enough money already?” So I canceled my membership and got a refund. To my surprise, they were nice enough to contact me personally and ask me to give them a another chance after explaining more about the group to me. Boy, I am so glad I said “YES” and gave them another chance. This group is nothing like anything I’ve tried before. They are more like a family than just a trading group. They care about others so much and for the first time I have actually learned how to trade rather than just react to an alert without knowing what is going on. It is the first group where as soon as I ask a question I get an answer right away, no matter what. Everyone in this group is amazing, but I have to give a shout out to Andrew Watts, Blueknight080 and so many others who made this group even more special. I had made a promise to my husband, who unfortunately was recently diagnosed with a terminal disease, that I was going to make this work, and this group has made it happen. Thank you StayRockSolid! ❤️❤️

Here goes nothing. I started with StayRockSolid in spring of 2021 I believe. Initially I had very low expectations as most groups I have followed before being to trade their calls had a terrible win %. Within a couple months I saw what these shotcallers were putting out and started to take some of their calls. But I was barely making gains selling to soon holding to long. So I dug in and decided I wanted to really learn why and what to looks for. After lots of ups and down I'm not only taking calls from them but also able to make my own picks. I owe StayRockSolid everything not just for the calls and wins but the knowledge of making me a better trading, the answering questions and explaining the answer if i dont understand.I started taking my trading very serious the week of easter and can't wait to continue to grow and make money with y'all. BY FAR BEST TRADING COMMUNITY EVER

Are you new to trading? Have the desire to learn and put in the work? The StayRockSolid trading community provides the best staff, shot callers, and educational material to help you grow your trading skills and portfolio. No reason to be hesitant or shy here. The staff have cultivated the most supportive culture to help you succeed and grow, and important to me, trolls and negativity are not tolerated. Members try to help each other and staff are very responsive to any individual questions or inquiries. Multiple live trading sessions are held weekly. My trading journey has evolved from true beginner over a year ago, to now being able to confidently chart and play Scalps, Day Trades, and Swings , whether equities, options or crypto. I have now learned how to trade, trading psychology awareness, scaling in and out, identifying less risky trade entry/exits, risk/rewards and more importantly, what NOT to do. Without SRS, I would have blown up my account within a few months of starting. The resources are here to reach your goals, whether starting with a small or large account. Only limitations are up to you. Slow and steady growth, compound gains to the moon!

What else can I say other than StayRockSolid truly has changed my life. I got very lucky when I first started trading, and then VERY unlucky, and lost almost everything. I nearly gave up trading when I came across this group. I joined and immediately felt like this was the place for me. There are hundreds of different groups that you can subscribe to and get alerts. Some of them work, most don't. But this is the first group I have ever been in that actually spent the time to teach me how to trade. I have been here for a year and a half now, and this group has changed everything for me. With the profits here I was able to make a sizeable down payment on my home, and now my mortgage, motorcycle, and truck are all paid only with the profits here. While I am still a very new trader, I now have the confidence to make my own trades, not just taking the alerts. On days that I don't trade, I STILL come to this group because I generally love just chatting with people. This place feels like home.

I started here very close to the beginning in March ‘20, a new trader right as the market was crapping out bc of Covid. I knew nothing but “buy low, sell high” the education here is immeasurably helpful, it truly made all the difference for me. We’ve evolved together, myself and PB. It’s now 2 years later, PB is better than ever and I’m finding my grove trading more and more all the time. Learning charts, even minimally, helps a ton and we teach that here. I’ll be here for the long haul and hope to help other new traders like myself 2 years ago to be profitable and more importantly LEARN what they’re doing not just monkey see monkey do. The community here is outstanding and I’m proud to be a part of it 🤘🏼

I am so blessed to have found StayRockSolid. I traded on my own for years. Sometimes very successfully but more often than not, I would give it all right back. What WE are building here at StayRockSolid is truly innovative. We are building a community for the little guy. But this place is more than an outlet to distribute killer alerts. They ABSOLUTELY do that, but I have been in other groups that boasted and provided big gains. Though this place has developed the BEST day trading shot-calling group out there. The gains we are seeing are off the flippin charts consistent!! This place for me is more than a top notch trading education and mindset center. They ABSOLUTELY provide that, but let's face it, YouTube is chock full of educational channels and channels helping you to work on your mindset. Though I am not sure I have ever seen a course with as much technical / mindset / planning / strategy in one spot!! So what is so special about StayRockSolid? There is a fellowship here I've not found anywhere else. You can ask any one of the shot-callers or admins and they will set aside time to work with you one-on-one. Seriously. They have helped me uncover some of the things that have held me back for ages that I never knew were there. They support this community and anyone and everyone who is willing to put in the effort and ask for help. After years of struggling, I feel I am finally on a path to financial freedom and eventually generational wealth. I learned more about myself here than I thought I would, and that has made all the difference. Thanks for everything! Much Love!

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